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Coronavirus Testing Kits | Urgent Care Testing Locations in NJ


Dear Neighbor,


We are working diligently to provide our communities with the best care possible in these difficult times. We have been working with local and national labs to obtain testing kits for the Covid19 (coronavirus). Unfortunately in the United States, we have a shortage of test kits and they are prioritized to larger institutions like hospitals.

We recognize the importance of testing all those that have symptoms like a fever or cough which can be seen with the flu or Covid19. It makes a world of difference to you, the patient if you have one or the other. We get it! With the flu, you have to be home away from work and quarantine yourself for only 24-48 hours after you’re better. With the Covid19, the department of health recommends staying home 7-days after you are better! That’s a huge difference. That’s why we want to be able to tell you when it’s safe for you to hug your loved ones, hang out with your friends, catch up on that important work meeting, go back to work and help your colleagues out – 2 days, 7 days, or 14 days!

You want to be tested for Covid19 – we know it, so we are currently working very hard to ensure we get tests for Covid19. Until we get the tests, we can do the next best thing. We can still see you when you have a fever or cough. We can still make sure it is not the flu. You will at least know that you won’t have to quarantine yourself for 14-days! Because the tests are so limited, we are only testing patients who are currently having a fever and cough for even the flu. If the flu test is positive it would help you answer the question of how long you need to quarantine yourself – only 2 days after you are better. Can you imagine having the flu would be thought to be a good thing? If the flu test is negative, we wouldn’t know if you have Covid19 or some other cause. You would have to quarantine yourself for 14-days. But to help you out, we will call you back to get retested for Covid19 when we have the tests available. Unfortunately with our current supply, we are just unable to test everyone even though we want to test everyone and reassure them.

The banner at the top of this page will be updated daily letting you know if we are able to currently test for the coronavirus. Please make sure to check our website, Facebook, Instagram, or even call into the center to see if we are able to test or not.


Steps To Take When Visiting


Lastly, we need your help as our neighbor and partner in our community’s health. Everyone on our team needs to remain well so that we can take care of you. So, we are making efforts to keep our entire team healthy so we can continue to take care of you. Please follow all the instructions.


1. You will be given a mask if you have a fever or cough. Keep your mask on while in our centers at all times. (By the way, the masks are in short supply as well, so we’re trying to conserve them.)

2. You will have to apply hand sanitizer before taking a pen or a clipboard. You will have to wash your hands when you get into the exam room.

3. You may even be asked to wait in your car to be called to be seen.


Please help with all these things, because we’re just trying to contain this virus and ensure that it doesn’t spread.

Besides letting people know to quarantine appropriately (not too long or not too short), we are working hard to contain this virus by:

Making it possible to register from home. We will let you know when that is available. Telemedicine so we can take care of you from the comfort of your home.

We see this as a true partnership – you help keep our team and our neighborhood healthy, and we will work even harder to keep you healthy.

We will continue to remain open to make sure that we are treating our patients for any type of illness or injury… till we absolutely cannot. And we hope that we can continue to stay open every day to serve you.


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